Here you can find our entire list of distributed titles. From our labels and also from other friend labels.

Nekrogoat Heresy Productions

 Portuguese Extreme Black Death Metal Label


NGHCD15 – Azagatel – “SOL” Digipack CD

Lusitanian Dark Folk. New EP.

NGHCD14 – Irae – “Orgias de Maldade” CD

Dirty Black Metal from the Master. Portuguese Black Metal.

NGHCD13 – Qui Incenditur – “Doctrine Of The Six Regions” Digipack CD

First work for this Onirik side-project. Portuguese Experimental Black Metal.

NGHCD12 – Raptus – “Antiphilanthropy/Fragments” CD

CD compilation of both demos. Excelent. Portuguese Black Metal.

NGHCD11 – Azagatel – “Lux-Citanea” Digi CD

Lusitanian Pagan Black Metal.

NGHCD10 – Mother Of The Hydra – “Contradiction” CD

First work. Ritualistic Black Metal.

NGHCD09 – Velório & Irae – “Deceiver’s Light” Digipack CD

Raw, Ugly and Dirty Black Metal. Highly recommended.

NGHCD08 – Prayer Of The Dying – “In Silence And Grief We Decay” CD

Death Black Metal from Malta.

NGHCD06 – Aasgard – “Raven’s Hymns Forshadows The End” CD

Raw Black Metal from Greece.

NGHCD05 – Black Angel & Beelzebul – “Satanist Rites” CD

South American Raw Black Metal.

NGHCD04 – The Last Twilight – “Eternal Tribulation” MCD

Spanish Death Black Metal.


NGHTape10 – Sale Freux – “Demain, Dès l’aube…” Tape

French Black Metal.

NGHTape09 – Cult of Erinyes – “Veneer” Tape

Belgian Black Metal

NGHTape08 – Hagetisse – “The Sinister Flight Of Cursed Souls Through Eternal Night”Tape

Dutch Black Metal

NGHTape07 – Behalf Fiend – “Nossas Homenagens” Tape

Brazilian Black Metal


NGHVinyl07 – Morte Incandescente – ‘’To Praise The Of Of Black Wings” MLP

Portuguese Black Metal

NGHVinyl06 – Defuntos – “Mundo de Lápides” Gatefold LP

Portuguese Doom Black Metal. First Demo Re-release.

NGHVinyl05 – Peste – “Nós Somos A Peste” 7’’

Rotten Black Metal. Portuguese.

NGHVinyl04 – Seges Findere – “Weaponize To Humanicide” 7’’

Brazilian Brutal Hateful Black Metal.

NGHVinyl03 – Celtic Dance – “Terror Romanorum” 7’’

Cult Portuguese Black Metal.


New Approach Records

 Ambient Neo-Folk Industrial Noise Label


NAR18 – Concrete Mascara – “Bilharzia” EP CD

U.S. Power Electronics/Noise

NAR17 – Kosmodrom – “The War Of The Worlds” CD

Serbian Psychedelic Space Noise inspired by Vintage Sci-Fi

NAR13 – Cosmos – “Boques” 7’’

Spanish Neo-Folk.

NAR08 – Sektor 304 – “Communiphones” CD

Portuguese Ambient Industrial Drone Noise.

NAR07 – Sektor 304 – “Live Reaction” CD

Portuguese Noise Old School Industrial Noise.

NAR06 – Sektor 304 – “Engage… Forwards” 7’’

Portuguese Noise Old School Industrial Noise.

NAR05 – Kokori – “Release Candid Hate” 7’’

Portuguese Minimal Electronic Noise.

NAR04 – The Joy Of Nature – “A Ilha Que Perdeu O Encanto” 7’’

Portuguese Neo-Folk


War Flagellation Records

WFEP01 – Gromm – “Black:Art:Morbid:Grandeur” 7’’

Powerful Black Metal from Ukraine.

WFP039 – Heathen Fury – “Heathen Fury” Pro-MC

Heavy Black Metal. George Proctor/White Medal.


100 Pieces Of Ammunition Records

Ammunition04 – Neftaraka – “Unlight” 7’’

Raw Black Metal from Malaysia.


Escaravelho Records

Escaravelho09 – Colosso – “Rebirth” Pro-MC

30 Black tapes + 30 Red tapes. Portuguese Progressive Death Metal.

Escaravelho08 – Diskord – “Dystopics” Pro-MC + Lighter + Patch

Old School yet Progressive Death Metal from Norway.

Escaravelho07 – Fondlecorpse – “The Dark Contagion” Pro-MC

Old School Death Metal from The Netherlands

Escaravelho06 – Gatos Pingados – “Insolvência” Pro-Tape

Portuguese Metal Punk.

Escaravelho05 – Dementia13 – “Tales For The Carnivorous” MCD

Portuguese Horror Death Metal.

Escaravelho04 – Fondlecorpse – “Chronicles of Pain” 7’’

Horror Old School Death Metal from The Netherlands

Escaravelho02 – Necrocanibalistic Vomitorium – “Orgasmic Echolalia” 7’’

Gory Death Metal from Ukraine.


Dead Old Tree Records

DOT01 – Lesbian Rainbows & Irmãos Brothers – “Disforme” 7’’

Portuguese Power Duo Hard Core Vs Instrumental Psychedelic .



Ancestors Blood – “When The Forest Calls” Pro-MC

Sanguinary Misanthropia – “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” Pro-MC