New releases on Escaravelho Records

After a few years of silence Escaravelho Records is back and preparing new releases for the future.

With eminent release we have the tape version of the newest Fondlecorpse album and the tape version of the upcoming album from Colosso. Something else is also being prepared but in the early stages so, more news on that in the future.

Fondlecorpse is a long time partner and friend. Is with great pleasure I see another release from them fustigating the Underground. I’m obviously very honored to make the tape version of such a massive work of Death Metal purely devoted to Horror and 100% Underground in attitude. “Dark Contagion” will be limited to 50 Tapes.


Colosso is a band I’ve been following since the very beginning and when I knew the new album was eminent and without any physical release I step forward and propose to release it. Their brand of Death Metal with some Progressive and Melodic touches makes it a perfect fit on Escaravelho catalogue and the new album “Rebirth” is a perfect example of a band that know what they’re doing and do it right. “Rebirth” will be released with a limitation of 60 Tapes, 30 in Red and 30 in Black Cassettes.

tape colosso

Pre orders for this release is already open and available from Nekrogoat Heresy Productions web store and Colosso’s web site.

Follow the links and make sure to get your copy!

Nekrogoat Heresy Prods:


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